Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be potty trained to enroll at TBC?

Children do not need to be potty trained to attend the Teddy Bear Club. Once your child is ready, our teachers will reenforce whatever you are doing at home to help your child transition out of diapers at preschool. We are, of course, happy to offer advice if needed!

Where do most Teddy Bear Club families live?

Geographically, about two-thirds of the students at our Newton preschool live in Newton and neighboring cities such as Boston, Brookline, Needham, Wellesley and Weston.  The other one-third come from further away including towns such as Dover, Holliston, Milton, Natick and Sherborn.

Similarly, the students at our Lincoln preschool primarily hail from Lincoln and surrounding towns including Weston, Wayland, Sudbury, Concord, and Lexington with additional students coming from towns such as Cambridge, Waltham and Acton.

Do you offer a full-day program?

Our Lincoln campus features an extended day for children 2.9 and older, which runs until 4pm. Our Newton campus offers an extended day for children 3 and older that are enrolled in the morning program (we offer morning and afternoon classes in Newton). This extended day runs until 4pm.

Are you a Montessori program?

TBC’s curriculum and philosophy are a unique blend of teaching philosophies from the US and abroad. While we appreciate many aspects of the Montessori approach (and have many Montessori materials in our classrooms) our program also differs in a number of significant ways. For instance, at TBC we have different classrooms for each age group (although we do mix ages outside on the playground and have many school-wide events) and our program features more teacher-directed activities.

What percentage of the day takes place in French? Is the program full-immersion?

TBC is not an immersion school. Approximately 95% of our students will continue on to English language primary schools, so much of our academic experience takes place in English. Conversely, French is heavily utilized during routine portions of the day such as snack, transitions, and getting dressed to go outside, where the daily repetition of vocabulary and related objects and actions will help the children develop their comprehension of the language. French is also introduced through games and songs, as well as during portions of our daily circle time. Overall, the ratio of French to English is about 40/60.

No one in my family speaks any French. Will my child be at a disadvantage?

Our expectation is that a large majority of our children will have zero exposure to the French language prior to starting at TBC.

Can I enroll my child in your summer program if he/she is not attending in the fall?

Absolutely! We love having new families join us for the summer!

What should I do next if I am interested in learning more about Teddy Bear Club?

Contact us to schedule a tour!

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We love the teachers. All are very down to earth and really connect with the children.
Megan G., Sudbury