Staying Safe at the Teddy Bear Club: COVID-19 Procedures

Despite all the changes COVID has brought this year, the school experience at TBC has managed to remain true to our mission and values.

Classroom Organization & Cleaning

TBC has always emphasized the importance of offering our children a meticulous classroom environment. An organized playspace enables children to more deliberately engage with the classroom material, while a thorough approach to cleaning demonstrates a respect for the environment that the children also follow.

Of course, the Covid pandemic has created an acute need for thoroughly clean and organized classroom spaces, for the safety of our children. Fortunately, cleanliness has been a part of TBC’s identity from the start. As has always been the case at the Teddy Bear Club, we carefully select a rotating set of materials for our classrooms, while not having too many things on the shelves which could distract from focused learning. To further adapt to the current climate, we’ve modified lesson plans to include appropriate distancing while maintaining the communication, engagement, and nurturing environment needed in a preschool curricula. Students have easily adapted to the “new norm” of wearing masks, regular hand washing, and clean up procedures.

Outdoor Play

Going outdoors into the fresh air has always been an integral part of the Teddy Bear Club curricula. Our expansive greenspaces and play structures are a hallmark of each campus. When weather permits, teachers are encouraged to hold classes and lessons outdoors, whether it’s teaching circle time under the shade of our large trees or setting up easels on the patio for the children to take inspiration from their surroundings.

Additional Safety Initiatives

Since reopening, we’ve implemented other protocols to keep staff and students safe. Our teachers take extra care in how they move students throughout the buildings to avoid having too many children in a hallway at the same time. We have installed UV filtration systems on all our HVAC zones and have fresh outdoor air pumped into the classrooms 24 hours a day, in addition to opening the many openings we already have in the classroom.

All eligible members of our teaching team are vaccinated. Our parent community has also been a valuable partner in our efforts to keep the school safe and the Teddy Bear Club works collaboratively with health departments and the department of Early Education and Care to regularly update our policies.

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